Haut dog cuisine

Morgan started puppy school recently and yesterday his teacher and I discussed his diet. I was informed that I am to start cooking for both dogs. Apparently the can and kibble combo I feed them is not good for them over the long term because it is boring. This seems like a suspiciously Italian attitude to me but I guess I’ll give it a whirl. Mostly because I am interested to see what they’ll like. Dogs can (and should) eat nearly everything, the exceptions being chocolate (toxic), raw onions (toxic), and grapes (damages their livers). Marina, Morgan’s teacher, encouraged me to include a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables in their diets. I leave for Indonesia tomorrow for a few weeks so the cooking will have to wait. However, I thought I’d try them out on fruit and gave them both an apple. Lula sniffed hers and walked away but Morgan gave it a shot.

Morgan shares an apple with his friend Betta


2 responses to “Haut dog cuisine

  1. My two love apples and pears. Dino even resorted to stealing apples from the kitchen table (I thought it was my cleaner until I found out he hadn’t been in!).
    Never knew that bout onions (not that they like them) nor grapes! Good to know.

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