The Bogor Botanical Gardens

At the risk of alienating 2 million people, I have to say that Bogor is not the most interesting place I’ve ever been. Massive traffic and motorbikes buzzing around like angry flies, lots of little roadside stands and not much else as far as I can see. There is however a nice mall and the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which I visited yesterday. There is apparently also a gong factory, but I’ve not found that yet.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens hold more than 15 000 species of trees and plants, including 400 varieties of palm and 3 000 varieties of orchids. They were established by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1811 as a private garden for the Governor-General’s summer residence. They were opened to the public in 1817. Today, the gardens cover more than 80 hectares and include the extensive grounds of the presidential palace, one of six presidential palaces in Indonesia. These days, the presidential grounds are mostly occupied by a herd of spotted deer.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens

On the way to the park, we passed some guys selling baby rabbits and durian. Amazingly the bunnies didn’t choke to death on the dirty foot stench of this popular Asian fruit.

Bunnies no doubt holding their collective breaths to escape the dread durian stench

The first thing we saw on entering the Botanical Gardens were three giant dead fruit bats on the main path. Apparently people like to shoot them for sport and for food. Mmph. I must remember to blow up this photo and hang it on my door for Halloween.

Happy Halloween everybody!

The gardens were lovely and filled with cats. We stopped and had a cool coconut drink at the cafe’.

My new colleague Gabriela enjoys a refreshing drink

Afterwards we stopped for lunch: I had mango lassis and soup with roasted duck. Mangos are awesome.

Mango lassis and roasted duck soup


One response to “The Bogor Botanical Gardens

  1. It is one of the great botanic gardens of the world, (in)famous for its role in the spread of rubber, among other things.

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