Riding on a bus (with karaoke)

I was idly reading some papers on the way to the research institute where I am working for a few weeks when I noticed that the (private) bus in which I was riding sported a giant screen TV playing karaoke videos.

The videos all followed a fairly strict if prosaic formula: a blonde girl wearing feminine but not provocative clothes (snug sweater, knee length plaid skirt) tosses her hair while wrapping herself around pillars, columns or other handy bits of building. In some frames she wears a jaunty hat or cool shades. I half expected her to toss her hat in the air a la Mary Richards. The videos all appeared to be set at a Southern Baptist University during summer break (complete with clock tower looming menacingly in the background). The music was classic rock: Unchained Melody, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Chapel of Love. The videos had a washed out 80s vibe and seem to have been shot at random with no consideration of the songs they would eventually accompany. In one, the blonde walked hand in hand with a boy as the bouncing ball followed a song about a girl who was left at the altar by her true love. I am quite anxious to learn more about these videos. Who’s the blonde? Is she a household name in Southeast Asia? Where is she now?  Tragically there is a dearth of information about 80s karaoke videos on the Internet. That’s crazy and must be rectified.

Back to topic. I’m not an expert but I imagine that none of this is beyond the pale karaoke-wise. If we’d been in a bar, with plenty of alcohol, beer nuts and a DJ, I would not have batted an eye. But did I mention that we were on a bus? At 7 am? I might add that no one was singing or even paying much attention. It was still awesome.

Karaoke on the bus!


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