Getting the hang

I’ve been working as a freelance writer for a little over a month now and I’m falling into a rhythm that suits me pretty well. I’ve trained the dogs to sleep until 9:00 and at exactly that time, Morgan jumps onto the bed and starts kissing my ears (awwwwwww). What a luxury to sleep in after years and years of waking up at 7 or earlier and schlepping to the train station in a near comatose state (I am most definitely not a morning person)! Once I get up, it’s coffee and the news for an hour or so. Then I sit down at the computer and work until 4:30 (trying hard not to get too distracted by things like dogs, Facebook, or this blog). I’m usually still wearing my pjs at this point. Then it’s off to the dog park for an hour’s romp and back to the computer to wrap things up for the day. It’s a nice schedule and I like working at home, especially on rainy horrible days like today.

So I found myself surprised at how unreasonably happy I was when I had to go out in the middle of the day last week to pay some bills (I griped about the attempt to actually pay those bills here). I’m pretty cooped up during the day and while I don’t miss the downside of working in an office (having to get dressed, long commute, some pretty dodgy colleagues), there are some benefits to being around actual live people. In my early musings on what to do with My Life: Part Two, I had assumed that my next job would be in an office. Now I’m not so sure. But if I do decide to opt for the freelance life on a permanent basis, it’s clear that I need to find a way to get a bit more mental stimulation during the day than I’m getting right now writing about peatlands and mangroves (not that peatlands and mangroves aren’t interesting!).

The view from my office


4 responses to “Getting the hang

  1. Working at home? iChat! My sisters and I are constantly chatting away. It’s like having someone at the next desk.

  2. 16 year veteran of working @ home here! It is the BEST! The only down sides are 1) You miss all the Birthday parties – especially the ones you forgot and someone else remembered, 2) You miss most of the coolest office gossip and 3) There is no #3 – Working in your robe and slippers makes up for anything else!
    My company is implementing desktop videoconferencing, so I am working on a Jane Jetson face to tape over my laptop camera…

  3. I’m afraid that I got quite bored with working at home and had to find a job that got me out and about and meeting people – which led to my current job – where I am now sat in an office trying to avoid chatting/meeting with people as much as possible 🙂

    Each to their own, of course. Whatever makes you happy is the right thing.

  4. Somehow, I have a memory of you coming to school bleary-eyed. I can’t remember what class (probably French). So, learning that you are not a morning person is not a surprise.
    I have an office attached to our home. Right now it is in serious need of getting rid of any of the thirty+ year-old handouts etc. that I still have. I’ll let you know if/when I finally get those ten recycling bins filled and disposed of.
    Carpe diem. Enjoy those days you have flexibility.

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