Lightbulbs and business cards

I celebrated hitting the halfway mark on my consultancy project by buying lightbulbs and picking up my new business cards (this was the second printing: my friend Jamie helpfully noted that a real ‘communications strategist’, which is one of the things I’m purporting to be these days, would probably remember to include an email address on her card). This made me think of all of the things that aren’t getting done while I’m sitting in front of the computer writing about tropical deforestation and mangrove forests. I need to go to the dentist, the doctor, and pay those bills that didn’t get paid the other week. Not to mention brave the bank again. I really need a haircut. I need to do a consult with the vet about Morgan’s adolescent obsession with the lady dogs (in the park they call him Berlusconi Junior!). And what about all of the enjoying of Rome I’m supposed to be doing? And the navel contemplation? It kinda feels like I’m doing as little of that as I did when I was working full time.

On the positive side of the ledger, I am entertaining (and cooking) more than I have in a long time. I did get the hot water heater (which has been on the fritz for 2 years) fixed and the window (which has been broken for 8 months) replaced.

Work-Life Balance. Such an intimidating phrase. How balanced does the balance have to be?  50-50? 60-40? 30-70? Those are rhetorical questions. And I know the answer. One just can tell when the balance is right. Or should do. But I’m just not sure what it would feel like to have the balance right. I certainly have never gotten the life part down, at least not for the past 20 years or so. I am working far shorter days than  than I did when I had an office job (5-6 hours per day as opposed to 10-11 including a 2 hour commute) and I like that a lot. But I still can’t quite find the time to do all the stuff I want to (or should) be doing. That’s made more complicated by the fact that even the simplest errand here seems to take all day. Ah well. At least I have light again. And business cards.

And now for some totally gratuitous photos of my dogs.

You want work-life balance? I got work-life balance!

Out for a Sunday drive.


4 responses to “Lightbulbs and business cards

  1. photos of dogs are never gratuitous

  2. I’m with Betta on this.

  3. that is one incredibly cute dog-
    daisy raymond

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