My dear dear wonderful friend came over for dinner the other night and we ordered Chinese food and watched the latest episode of Glee as we often do. She took me to task for my recent whiny post (Boring! Whiny!) and liked this one. It got me thinking about friendship.

I have nothing particularly new or profound to say on the subject. A lot smarter and more interesting people than me have written about friendship over the millennia. But it’s on my mind.

In college I was all about quantity. The number of people I could call my friends was more important than whether or not I could really like or trust them. I made mistakes and got disappointed and sometimes felt betrayed. I guess that happens to everyone. I was also sometimes too casual with my friendships. I know better now than to ever take something so priceless for granted.

The past year was very hard. I had to watch while everything I built over the past 20 years was taken away.  I had to put up with a whole lot of humiliation. I cannot even imagine how I would have survived it without my friends. They looked after me, made sure I ate and generally kept me from going insane. Or at least more insane.

The friend I mentioned at the outset has had a rough couple of years health-wise. It was Thanksgiving yesterday and it’s her birthday today. So it’s appropriate for me to say how super thankful I am for her friendship. She lives upstairs, loves the dogs and never gets tired of watching Glee. She’s the silliest and the bravest person I know. Happy Birthday Betta!

It's fun to nap with a friend!


4 responses to “Friendship

  1. Even the boring posts have value 🙂

    I hope you both had a lovely Thanksgiving. And a very happy birthday to Betta.

  2. Thanks Andy. It was very nice Thanksgiving indeed. Wearing the fat pants today.

  3. Yes, friends are very important at keeping you sane (and you know what I mean!) I second every word of your post, especially the Betta parts!!!

  4. You are very fortunate to have such a dear friend. Not as many people are as lucky. My dear friends are no longer here and I miss them. Cherish yours.
    Love, Mom

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