A novel beginning

I had a couple of days between the end of my last project and the beginning of the next so I thought I’d kick start the novel I’ve been talking about writing for the past 20 years or so. I’ve actually tried this before. A few years ago, I rented a little house in Umbria for a month. My plan was to devote myself to writing but when my friends got wind of the fact that I had rented a little house in Umbria for a month, I had a whole lot of visitors and not much time to write. I did manage to conquer the first chapter and there it sat in my computer, sad and lonely and unbacked-up, until the day said computer was stolen and so much for that chapter. It wasn’t much of a loss actually.

So here I go again! “What is your novel about?” you ask. Well, people always say to write what you know, so that is my plan. Hint: I live in Rome and I know about agriculture, biodiversity, and international organizations.

I’m not a good planner and I’ve not got the plot completely nailed down yet but rather than wait till that happens, I thought I’d start writing the stuff that I know I want to include in the book. That included a couple of character sketches that gave me great pleasure to write. They (the characters) will not be pleased that they will not be playing a major part in the novel. But they do have a part to play. Stay tuned.

I feel that this post needs some photos but since I have no intention of including a picture of me sitting at my computer with dirty hair and in my pajamas, you will have to be content with more gratuitous images of dogs.

You talking' to me?

Stop with all the writing and come play with me!


2 responses to “A novel beginning

  1. i am all for gratuitous photos of dogs.
    and i am all for novel writing

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