Mò Mò Republic

A couple of weeks ago I went to Mò Mò Republic with friends.  It’s in Monteverde just behind the San Camilo hospital. Mò Mò advertises itself as a restaurant/pizzeria/desserteria/wine bar/drinks bar/events centre. That’s a tall order. There are not many reviews of this place on the Interwebs and those that exist are pretty mixed, with both food and service coming in for less than fulsome praise. I was pretty happy on both scores, of which more later. But even if the order of the day had been pig swill and physical abuse at the hands of scary and unwashed biker-waiters, Mò Mò Republic would still be worth a look-see. It is, quite simply, stunning.

The restaurant is located in an old villa surrounded by a beautiful green park. There are dining rooms on five floors, a huge terrace, and reclining chairs and nooks and crannies all over the lawn, tailor-made for drinking, snacking or just hanging out. The place probably seats about 600 but because there are so many different rooms, it feels rather intimate. And there are tame rabbits hopping around the grounds.

I had a perfectly respectable bruschetta with tomatoes and a very fine pile ‘o’ steak that almost made me forget this nasty moment. There was a lovely chocolate and pear tart for dessert and the waiter was washed and not at all scary.

Bruschetta al pomodoro

A delicious tagliata. Phew. The carnivorous life is on again.


The deeply irritating and hallucinegenic website can be found here: http://www.momorepublic.it/. But persevere, at least until you track down the couple of English pages on the site, which say wonderful things like the following: Mò Mò Republic is an oasis of happiness, a place of tranquility, a peaceful and serene atmosphere (also), a creative hideaway, where true relationships are formed…All ones desires can come true in Mò Mò Republic, because the desires of one are the good of all. 

So there you go. And did I mention the rabbits?

VFW-Dr D. Division

Mò Mò Republic
Piazza Carlo Forlanini 10, Roma
Tel: 06 537 3087

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  1. You might want to mention just where places are located in case someone wants to visit.

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