Vinorosso da Maurizio

The other day, I headed off to my local post office to send some mail and pay some bills (for some reason I’ve never really understood, bills are paid at post offices here).

Expecting a looooooooong, wait, I came heavily armed with a giant book. But a combo of three things got me out of there in nothing flat: lunch time, August and it being the Friday before a long weekend.

The infamous P.O. on Via Jenner. Unless it's August and lunch time and a Friday before a long weekend, bring along your copy of War and Peace!

Vinorosso da Maurizio

Vinorosso da Maurizio

Since I had mentally prepared myself to sit in the post office for many hours, I was in no particular hurry to get home. So I decided to check out the restaurant across the street – Vinorosso da Maurizio.

I’d been curious about this restaurant for some time, having spent literally hours staring at it while waiting in line to pay bills. And now it’s my new favourite place.  Not only does it meet the cardinal rule of being less than 10 minutes from my house, the food is great! I had a bruschetta al pomodoro – nothing fancy but the tomatoes are awesome this summer y’all – and sea bass cooked in salt. So moist so tasty.

Bruschetta with amazing tomatoes

Sea bass cooked in sea salt. Delish!

And for dessert...

The place was packed and given the whole Friday-holiday-August thing, that’s got to be a very good sign. There were lots of very fresh looking fish flying out of the kitchen and many happy faces.

Later, at the day spa, I asked my friendly masseuse Alessandra about the restaurant since she lives on the street where it’s located. The lunch to celebrate her baptism was held there so it’s at least 37 years old. Maurizio was the original owner; his sons have taken over for him now. The restaurant got a big face lift about 10 years ago when the old man retired and is now less of a trattoria and more of a ristorante. I’m mad that I spent three years living in the neighbourhood without knowing about this place. You can be sure that I’ll be back – and soon. Going to the post office no longer seems like such a chore.

Vinorosso da Maurizio is on Via Edoardo Jenner in Monteverde. Edward Jenner was the Father of Immunology. My college boyfriend is writing a book about him – or maybe he’s already written it. I haven’t seen him in awhile. Jenner was British and his name was Edward. This is a thing that makes me mad. Italians insist on Italianizing all foreign names – on their street signs at least. Giovanni F. Kennedy. Beniamino Franklin. Not their names, guys. How would the Italians like it I wonder if we named a street after Leonard DaVinci or Benny Mussolini? Having said that, I did grow up celebrating Christopher Columbus Day rather than Cristoforo Colombo Day. Never mind.

Ristorante Rossovino da Maurizio, 138-144 Via Edoardo Jenner. Tel: 06 536100.


4 responses to “Vinorosso da Maurizio

  1. Shouldn’t it be “there were lots of very fresh fish”? typical mom comment. That comes from editing too many Ludington papers.

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  3. Pingback: Nasty moment | My Life: Part Two

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