I was quite enthused about Indonesian food when I was here last year at this time. This year, not so much. I still find it delicious, don’t get me wrong. But it’s pretty heavy and a little goes a long way. I used to travel five months out of 12 for work and the food thing is never easy. There are usually work-related receptions and the hotels inevitably serve a buffet of oversauced local foods with a continental twist that I immediately regret having eaten. But I always do eat them because what if I miss out on the one thing in the buffet that is really good? It was okay when I was younger but things – and by things I mean pounds – have a way of catching up with you. So. I have been trying to watch my weight on this trip, which, since I am a blogger who often blogs about food, is definitely sub-optimal. Anyway, after the first few days of nasi this and gado-gado that, I found myself casting around for alternatives – not easy. One thing that is easy? Finding incredibly delicious fresh fruit juices. So that’s been my staple.

Mixed fruits juice is how it was described on the menu. My thinking is mango and lime.
Tomato juice, frothy and sweetened. Weird but good.
Spinach, lime and pineapple juice
Guava juice
Papaya juice
Honeydew melon juice
And my favourite of all – watermelon juice!

3 responses to “Juicehead

  1. How was the spinach, lime and pineapple juice? Sounds terrible. I’ll try the mango.

  2. It was a bit disgusting, I must admit. Like citrus flavoured grass. But I’m sure it was incredibly good for me.

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