Festa del Cioccolato

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth – cheese is my main weakness – so I’ve never had any interest in attending Eurochocolate, Italy’s largest chocolate festival, which has been held in Perugia every October since 1994.  (The home of Perugina chocolates (now owned by Nestlé), Perugia is now better known as the site of a famous local murder/sensational murder trial). But when I learned that Rome was hosting its own choco-fest just down the road in Trastevere – apparently in its second year (how did I miss it last year?) – I figured I’d go along to check it out. Here’s what I saw.

I started out with hot chocolate, basically melted milk chocolate in a styrofoam cup. So thick the spoon stands up straight.

Mummies, vampires, witches' hats, ghosts and pumpkins. An overstock from Halloween? All very cute nonetheless.

Various kinds of chocolate truffles.

Pure chocolate lollipops with every topping imaginable - nuts, candied fruit, you name it.

Ricotta, Emmenthal, Parmesan and bread -- all made out of chocolate!

More ghosts and teeth!

For the footwear fetishist/gourmand. Someone has been nibbling the bows.

I love the coffins juxtaposed with the sleeping puppies on the top shelf. Below that are little Trevi Fountains.

These are amazing. And yes, they are all chocolate.

Chocolate spark plugs anyone?

The Festa can be found on Via Lungaretta and in Piazza Sonnino. It is open from 10 am till midnight. Tomorrow (4 December) is the last day.


One response to “Festa del Cioccolato

  1. OMG chocolate shoes! Win win. BTW, I have an unassailable alibi for those bows.

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