Look what the (greedy she-) cat dragged in!

I’ve already written at length about La Gatta Mangiona (otherwise known as the Greedy She-cat) so I’m not going to do another review. But I could not resist sharing a photo of the pizza I had there last night while dining with Old Pal Michael. Roasted tomatoes, fresh uncooked mozzarella and about a million edible flower petals. Gorgeous and tasty too. Oh, and the potato and cod croquette with leeks and lemon zest wasn’t too shabby either.


2 responses to “Look what the (greedy she-) cat dragged in!

  1. I wish your flair of taste and description is done on a bigger~broader scale. I fell in lovewith Italian food..,.but am so far away. I love the diversity of flavours, taste etc.
    Monica Opole


    • Hi Monica. I’ve written about Malaysia. the UK and the US. I don’t get around much anymore. Haven’t been to Kenya in a couple of years. All the best. Ruth.

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