Coppedè again and Capo Boi

I was back in Parioli today trying to wrest my passport from the death grip of the Sri Lankan Embassy and I thought — to celebrate because I eventually did get my visa mirabile dictu — I would stop by the Quartiere Coppedè again to take some more photos. I was not at all happy with the ones that accompanied the last post. Here is the explanation: 1). I am an untalented photographer 2). it is over 40 degrees C. here at the moment. For those of you that are metrically challenged, that translates to 500 degrees F. and the humidity is 800%. My earlier attempts to do justice to Rome’s craziest and most fun neighborhood were thwarted when 1) my eyeballs melted 2) my camera melted 3). both. I’ll leave it to you to judge whether today’s effort was an improvement. It’s still 500 degrees F. and my eyeballs are still in danger of imminent meltage but I managed to man up today and hold out a bit longer before slithering into the first air conditioned place I could find.

The first air conditioned place I slithered into was Capo Boi, just across the street from the Coppedé Quarter. This Sardinian restaurant features super fresh seafood. At lunchtime, it was packed with people who all seemed to be on a first name basis with the waiters. I had a sea bass carpaccio and large red shrimps flamed in sea salt. Both were fantastic.

They brought me a fried anchovy and the best stuffed zucchini flower I have ever eaten.

I had never heard of this place before so it was pure serendipity to stumble on it, melted eyeballs and all. 

Capo Boi, Via Arno 80. Tel: 06/8415535. Open for lunch and dinner.



4 responses to “Coppedè again and Capo Boi

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself. Your photos (whether food or sights) are tremendously enjoyable!

  2. I think you should get your conversion chart changed. I’m not sure that 40°C really equals 500°F.
    It’s a bit cooler in Milan – we’re only getting to about 38°C but I think our humidity must in the region of 2000%. I would have said higher but I wouldn’t want to exagerate 🙂

  3. Oh and I forgot to add that I think both sets of photos are great but thanks for manning up and doing it all again!

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