This may be the best pizza I’ve ever eaten

This amazing pizza featured tomatoes, guanciale (bacon made from hog jowls), pecorino cheese, black pepper and a sprinkling of dried chili peppers. Unfortunately it’s not always on the menu at the Greedy She-Cat. But you can download an iPhone/iPad app that lists the daily specials. Keep your eyes open for the ‘Pizza Trucida.” The word trucida is apparently Roman dialect and signifies a young girl of easy virtue. It could also be the third person plural present indicative of the verb trucidare, which means to slaughter or massacre. I have no idea which notion the restaurant was going for with the Pizza Trucida. But it was delicious.

Pizza Easy Virtue/Massacre

La Gatta Mangiona, Via Federico Ozanam, 30
Tel: 06 534 6702


2 responses to “This may be the best pizza I’ve ever eaten

  1. Yum, they serve this at a couple of pizzerias in Salerno to, but they call it the “Carminuccio”. One of my favourites!

  2. I’m thinking massacre – there’s lots of flesh and red. Sounds delicious though. I hope that, next time I come to Rome, the Vegetarian from Upstairs will show me where I can get this 😉

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