Bocca di Dama

I was in Largo Argentina the other day buying Springsteen tickets — that’s right suckahs, The Boss is coming to Roma! — and as it was lunchtime by the time I finished emptying all of the cash machines in the immediate area (the ticket place for God only knows what reasons only takes cash), I decided to grab a bite. By the way, today is the 7th of July, I am in Italy and I have never in my life seen the likes of the rain that is pouring down outside of my window. It’s like a solid sheet of grey, with thunder and lightning to beat the band.

Anyway, lunch. I got very excited about the notion of a pastrami sandwich but, having walked up and down Via Arenula a couple of times to no avail, I was forced to the tragic conclusion that the pastrami sandwich place has closed down (NOOOOOOO!!!). Next, I tried the very good takeout pizza place right on Largo Argentina — Pizzeria Florida — but, hilariously, it was swarming with monks and I decided not to wait.

Pizzeria Florida on Largo Argentina. Monks love it! had an amazing bacon and cheddar cheese (!!) pizza there that I will never forget.

Pizzeria Florida on Largo Argentina. I had an amazing bacon and cheddar cheese (!!) pizza there that I will never forget.  Plus, monks love it!

Fortunately, I soon I found Bocca di Dama (Mouth of a Woman), a new addition to the strip between the river and Largo Argentina. The original Bocca di Dama is in San Lorenzo. This one is a tiny storefront on two floors whose motto is cibi naturalmente imperfetti (naturally imperfect food), which seems a weird thing to advertise. I guess the idea is to point out how natural and non-fast food-y they are. The main thing is ice cream in a plethora of flavors, which I didn’t have due to significant overindulgence in the UK last week (of which more later). But they also have salads, wraps and baked goods. It was good. I had a chicken salad with yoghurt dressing, some sort of pastry case thing stuffed with zucchini, and pineapple juice with lime. Very natural and non-fast food-y.

A tasty -- if imperfect -- lunch

A tasty lunch

A nice light change from all of the run of the mill bars and sandwich places that abound around these heavily touristed parts. Or, if you’d prefer, you could go back to the Pizzeria Florida and wait in the queue with the monks. DSCN0527

Bocca di Dama, Via Arenula 17-18. Tel: 39 06 68803136. Also in Via dei Marsi 2, 4, 6 . Tel +39 06 44341154, with a third location opening soon at Via Cicerone 53-55. Bocca di Dama does catering and has a super cute website.


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